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Premises Liability

One of the most common premises liability cases is when someone slips and falls. Slip and fall cases occur all time to people ranging from children to the elderly. Slip and fall cases typically occur at a business. For example, a puddle left in the grocery section of a market can cause someone to slip and injury themselves. Business owners and their employees have a duty to keep their premises free of danger and to maintain reasonably safe conditions. 

There are other types of premises liability cases, as well. The property or business owner may be responsible for any accidents or incidents which occur on their property that cause the serious injury or damage to a person on their premises. Any kind of business or practice may be held accountable, according to Nevada premises liability laws. The law may include accidents, assaults, attacks and other incidents that occur on someone else's property. The law will vary, depending on the case, and it may vary per claim what kind of liability a business or property owner can be held to.

Like all the cases I take, Premises Liability cases are handled on a contingency basis with no obligation or fee for the first consultation.

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